Don't be boring old ‘Take Out’, be Powerful! Get your brand out there!




The COVID-19 pandemic has seen cafés and restaurants around Australia close their door to customers, however chefs remain as busy as ever, wait staff become door to door delivery people, menus move online and customers order from home. So much of the the industry has transformed. So what about your brand?

Home delivery allows your brand to enter your customers home and often hang around long after the meal. Ensure they remember and repeat your name rather than Doordash, UberEats... (or the most generic of all) 'just take out'.


Customising tamper seals, box seals with your logo, take away cups, bags and even cocktail sachets with adhesive stickers sporting QR codes is an essential element of creating not just a memorable meal, but a return customer.

You may not have time to order tens of thousands of custom branded bags online, wait for them to arrive on a slow boat from the other side of the world. Instead think quick, think risk free, think local.

Composite Colour is a Melbourne Printer with quick turn around times and as soon as your custom branding is ready, will ship around Australia over night. Composite Colour is also a digital printer, making short runs and of customised stickers inexpensive and (as mentioned above) risk free! 

If you want your business to get the attention it deserves during the COVID-19 crisis, build exposure and enter post pandemic world stronger than ever, call our friendly team to discuss your needs or email for a quote today at


Don't be boring old ‘Take Out’, be Powerful! Get your brand out there!