A4 Notepads

by Composite Colour


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High Quality A4 Notepads,

Composite Colour is a specialist Melbourne A4 Notepads printing company. Our A4 printed Notepads help businesses such as yours attract new customers and increase your sales.

We print A4 Notepads using ink, not toner, so your A4 Notepads will be the highest possible online digital offset quality.

Our competitively priced A4 Notepads can be used for many promotional purposes – as sales tools, information sheets, product specifications, price rate sheets and more.

While you’re getting A4 Notepads printed, why not also arrange business cards, letterheads, even presentation folders?

Composite Colour offers a full suite of competitively priced, high quality digital offset business printing products. Head to the product menu item to view and access our range of print products.

Fast A4 Notepad Delivery Throughout Australia.


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Finished Size 210 X 297mm 

Minimum of 2mm Bleed required on the document

Make sure any important aspects of your design such as text and logos are inside of the safe area, otherwise they may be cut off.

Artwork Specifcations


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Unlike other online digital offset printers, Composite Colour does not delay orders for A4 Notepads by holding orders for Notepads until they reach a certain quantity.

When your A4 Notepad order is submitted to us, it goes straight to our online print factory where your Notepads are printed and dispatched to you as soon as possible.

Composite Colour uses Toll Priority Overnight Couriers to ensure that your order reaches you quickly, normally within 2 working days of your A4 Notepads order being submitted to us.

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If you can imagine it printed, and printing quality matters to you, Composite Colour is the printer you’re searching for.

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