k w doggett Digital Deck has arrived!

As you move through the deck and see the narrative unfold, you’ll notice that each page clearly lists the machine and stock description/info. Samples of both text and cover stocks appear in the deck. The stocks featured include: Barry Bleach Board Digital / Color Copy - Uncoated /Conqueror Laid Digital / Curious Metallics Digital / EnDURO / JAC Digilabel / Knight - Smooth (dry toner) / Knight Digital - Indigo / Maine Recycled Digital - Gloss / Maine Recycled Digital - Silk /PicoFilm / Rives Design Digital / Sovereign A2 Digital - Gloss / Sovereign A2 Digital - Silk /Sovereign Offset (dry toner) / Sovereign Offset Digital - Indigo. A particular highlight is the new Knight and Sovereign Offset digital papers. Both are high white papers that are well priced for their class and offer exceptional press results, specifically for dry toner and HP digital applications. Also, they are identical to their offset versions in shade and finish which is a bonus for customers that need to match communications across offset and digital technologiesdigital-deck-20120912020221gallery-1-   Composite Colour Printed the HP Indigo section of the K W Doggett digital Deck