About Us

Australia’s Favourite Online Offset Digital Printer.

Since 1996, Composite Colour has been the offset digital printer of choice to customers that rely on quality printing.

We started as a model and actor composite cards printer and have grown our printing range to include a suite of business and personal printed products.

We remain the online digital printer of choice for talent agencies. They know we are a quality printer, offering high quality printing, fast print delivery and competitive printing prices.

Using digital offset printing technology, which prints using ink not toner, we deliver a higher quality printing finish than most online digital printer alternatives.

If you can imagine it printed, and printing quality matters to you, Composite Colour is the printer you’re searching for.

Print Technology Gives Our Print Customers Control.

Composite Colour is a digital offset printer that uses digital printing technology to put its customers in control of the creative and printing process.

Using our leading-edge online printing technology, customers create everything from business cards and flyers to wedding invitations, photo books and more.

Customers upload their print art (or create art using our free online printing tools and templates).

Once done, it’s a simple one click online print ordering and payment system. This sends your printing order and artwork through to our online print factory.

Compare Us To Other Online Digital Printers.

When it comes to sharp prices for printing, Composite Colour is no different to most other online digital printers. But this is where the similarities end.

Its the other attributes of choosing an online digital printer that ensures that Composite Colour stands head and shoulders above other online digital printers.

Composite Colour:

  • Uses industry-leading online art and printing technology (of the calibre that other online digital printers now seek to copy).
  • Prints in ink, not toner, to provide a superior finish for printing jobs.
  • Delivers high quality digital printing, no matter the size of your online digital printing requirements.
  • Offers customers a 24/7 self-service printing environment, providing creative control, and time and cost efficiencies.
  • Does not wait for orders to batch-print. We print on-demand so you receive your printing job faster.

Our online digital print factory is open 24/7 to accept your artwork, print your job and have your printing delivered to your door.

Whether you are an individual, small business or mighty corporation, we are confident we will surprise and delight you with the exceptional level of printer service and digital print quality that have become hallmarks of our printing business.

The only thing you need to do now is get started.