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Popular Paper Sizes and Printing Formats

Posted on February 13, 2013 | 0 comments
Here you'll find a list of all standard A Series Paper Sizes and Printing Formats . A0 = 841mm X 1189mm A1 = 594mm X 841mm A2 = 420mm X 594mm A3 = 297mm X 420mm A4 = 210mm X 297mm A5 = 148mm X 210mm A6 = 105mm X 148mm A7 = 74mm X 105mm A8 = 52mm X 74mm   a1-a5   Business_Card Business Card 90mm X 55mm   Postcard   Postcards a6 105mm x 148.5mm   DL_With_Comps   DL With Comp Slip 210mm X 99mm   CD   CD Inserts & Covers 120mm x 120mm   Bookmark   Bookmark 46mm X 210mm   A4_Letterhead   A4 Letterhead 210mm X 297mm   A4_DL_Brochure   A4 - DL Brochure 297mm x 210mm   2DL_Brochure   2DL Brochure 198mm x 210mm A4_A5_Booklet   A4 / A5 Booklet A4: 210mm x 297mm A5: 148.5mm x 210mm
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