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If your business is hosting a seminar or special event, advertising flyers can be an inexpensive and effective way to let guests know about it. Not only are they portable, but when done correctly, they can grab people’s attention and be transferred from person to person. While word of mouth is an excellent tool to have at your disposal, if you have room for only one advertising product in your budget, choose flyers. There are three main features of the design that will help you accomplish your desired results:
  • Text: Spelling errors are a no-no, as is adding too much text in a small space. Don’t overwhelm your recipient with information or clutter your flyer. Simply state the necessary details, using appropriate font and colours. You may have room to even write how your event will help your customers.  A clever slogan usually catches the eye of the reader, and also promotes your personality
  • Design: This includes the colour and the graphics. Poorly printed photos that are pixelated will deter potential guests. This directly reflects on your business – if you can’t be bothered producing high quality advertising material, then your recipients will think that you don’t really care for your event that you are promoting. It is important to note that any graphics and images on your flyers should relate to your business.
  • Paper stock: Print your advertising flyers on high quality paper. Glossy and slightly heavier paper screams professionalism, and will be solid to the touch. This will allow them to stand up against wrinkles, slight damage, and wear and tear, which can greatly affect the overall presentation of your flyers.
If you are not confident at producing your own advertising flyers to promote your event, there are several companies online that are experienced in doing it for you. Then, when you have a great quality product, be sure to distribute it everywhere to maximise a big attendance. Brochures, marketing cards, pull up banners and large format printing are other terrific ways to advertise your next event. A quality printing company can help you with all of your marketing material.