Artwork Excellence Checklist:

When preparing your artwork for printing, attention to detail is crucial. Follow this comprehensive checklist to ensure your designs are flawlessly translated into stunning printed materials:

1. Optimal Bleed for Seamless Finish: Incorporate a 3mm bleed area around your artwork. Bleed guarantees that your design extends beyond the final trim line, ensuring that no white edges appear after cutting. This professional touch provides a polished and seamless finish to your prints.

2. Precise Scaling for Accurate Results: Maintain a 100% scale of your design. This practice ensures that the dimensions you see on your screen are accurately replicated in the final printed piece. By doing so, you eliminate the risk of unexpected resizing issues that can compromise your design's integrity.

3. Thoughtful Single Page Placement: Position your artwork as a single page, one-up. This straightforward arrangement simplifies the printing process, enabling precise alignment and consistent results. A clear layout enhances the efficiency of the printing process.

4. Text Transformation for Consistency: To avert font-related complications, convert your text to paths, curves, or outlines. This step transforms your text into graphical elements, preserving its appearance regardless of font availability. Your text remains consistent and visually pleasing.

5. High-Resolution Images for Clarity: Ensure all images boast high resolution, with a minimum of 300 dots per inch (dpi). High-resolution images guarantee sharpness, clarity, and vibrant visuals. By incorporating such images, your designs come to life in striking detail.

6. Color Precision through CMYK or Pantones: Specify your colors using the CMYK color model or specific Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors. These color standards ensure accurate color reproduction during printing. By selecting colors meticulously, you maintain the vibrancy and consistency of your design.

By meticulously following this artwork checklist, you're elevating the quality of your printed materials. Be it business cards, flyers, or any other print item, each detail contributes to the overall impact. At Composite Colour, we honor the intricacies of your designs, delivering results that truly reflect your creative vision. Get in touch with us to see how we can transform your artwork into exceptional prints.