QR Code Business Cards

QR codes are becoming increasingly popular in advertising as a way of interacting with potential clients. I can see more and more Australian businesses are now trying to introduce QR Codes onto their employee business cards. This technology makes an easy way to access & store contact information. (Contact details can be immediately saved into QR Code scanner's address book.) If you don’t want your potential clients to worry about typing your information into their address book, consider putting a QR code on your business card. Here are two ways to get the ball rolling: 1) Simple VCard 2) Use a web url to act as a “pointer” to the contact information Describing the second method further: - Place QR Codes on your employee business cards. - When scanned, you can point your clients/ prospects to a mobile optimised web page that contains detailed information of that respective employee. You may display, employee name, image, position, contact details, office location, detailed profile description, video etc. You can provide facility for your clients to contact this employee via a simple web form and features such as "bookmark profile" etc.   Our online ordering system has a QR CODE generator bulit into it. Order your QR Code business cards at composite colourSONY DSC.