QR Code Business Cards at Composite Colour Printing

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  Business cards have been around for years.  For the longest time, business cards were expensive to order, especially with printing costs, graphics, pictures and so on.  Through the evolution of business cards, there have been more economical ways to get business cards through companies such as Vista Print, Uprinting and many more.  Well, cheers to a new era of business cards…the QR code business card.  So there are a few ways that you can utilize QR codes on business cards.  Depending on your target audience and the scope of your business, you may elect to go on one of a few different routes.  Because there are so many types of QR codes out there that you could put on business cards, you may need to experiment with a few and see which ones yield the best results! So the first type of QR code that can be utilized is a simple Vcard QR code.  A Vcard QR code will allow a customer or client to scan the QR code and download contact information right into their phone.  Generally, these kinds of QR codes are found on the front of your business card for easy access. Another type of QR code that is equally popular is a QR code that when scanned, will bring you to a URL on the internet.  This is generally found on the back of a business card, but sometimes in the front as well if there is no Vcard QR Code.    One of the many benefits of a URL QR code is that it will allow you to be able to track them.  You can then see who is marketing the business to other prospective clients.  You can also set up tracking on these QR codes.  Tracking works by creating the QR code so that is traceable back to the company’s website.  You can create a unique QR code for each client and then track it to see who has the most scans and so on.  It’s a great way to display how competitors are doing against other businesses in the realm of QR codes and networking with them! The last but certainly not least way of putting QR codes on your business cards is by having a QR code that when scanned, goes to a review site such as Google or Yahoo and allow customers to write reviews about your company.  This is especially good for businesses who offer services to consumers.  This is particularly good for increasing business, because the more good reviews you get, the better your business and sales are! There are many ways to use QR codes on business cards.  These are just a few of the ways that they are utilized.  It all depends on your business, audience, services, and marketing strategies.  However, you would be surprised at how many people use them!